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Rayvox party - 2022 -

Radio Rayvox

1st anniversary party - 2019 -

Radio Rayvox

Stickers - 2021 -

Radio Rayvox

Card (risography)- 2021 -

Radio Rayvox

Cards (risography)- 2021 -

Radio Rayvox

Stickers - 2019 -

Obscura Data

Radio show hand-made logos - 2020/2021 -

Obscura Data

Radio show sticker(s) - 2019 -

Paul Hares + DELOFI

Artwork for a tape (Digital collage) - Big Ear Tapes (2015) usa

Pin Korg

Digital collage - Unpublished

Kim #3

Poster 90x130 cm sold out - My poster is what I mean / Paper it (2003) fr


Ltd. edition poster (black & silver, 43,5 x 61 cm) for the launch of the book "Electrochoc" by Laurent Garnier & David Brun-Lambert in Russia - White Label LLC (2014) ru

Léo & Pipo

Digital collage for Léo & Pipo's flickr (2014) fr

And during that time in Fukushima

Fukushima project for WebSYN radio - digital collage (2012) fr/jp


Digital collage - Unpublished


Digital collage


Flyer/poster for the Seb Jarnot's exhibition "Octnov 2005" in Bruxelles (2005) be


Fictitious album artwork (handmade collage) 2015

Theories of Anxiety

fictitious book cover (handmade collage) 2015

Chroniques Martiennes

fictitious book cover (handmade collage) 2015


series by Monica Ventura (photo) & Seb Jarnot (graphic) for U+MAG #106 (2014) br


Digital collage


Silkscreen print poster for the exhibition "It was on earth…" @ Scion space, Los Angeles (2010) usa

handmade types

Jesse Harris

Poster - Secret Sun Recordings (photo by Bill Phelps) (2005) fr

Kaki King

Promo 7" - Velour Recordings (2008) usa

The Fashion Alchemist

digital collage for The Fashion Alchemist's launch (2012) usa

Rencontre de la Villette

Poster - (2008) fr

Rencontre de la Villette

Poster - (2009) fr


unpublished illustration (2013)


rejected poster proposal for Christophe Honoré's film. Hand-made collage (2014) fr


rejected poster proposal for Christophe Honoré's film (2014) fr


book cover - Gyldendal ed. (2007) no

Tout l’espoir…

Book cover - short novel by D. Foenkinos - France Lymphome Espoir (2008) fr

Anîmé 2016

Illustration for the Anîmé festival (2016) fr


Cover of the catalog UPDATE 06 (2006) de

Le Printemps de Bourges

festival poster - (2002) fr


T shirt artwork for Sixpack (2005) fr


detail "3x7=15" published by Die Gestalten Verlag (2004) de


Poster - F Communications (2001) fr


Internal communication (2007) nl


cover for The Red Bulletin magazine (2005) de

Merry Christmas

Christmas card for "Discerning Christmas" exhibition in London (2004) uk


Laurent Garnier sticker

F Communications (2001) fr

Laurent Garnier

not accepted ad.


published in "Cavalier" a limited edition book on facial hair - Monkey Club (2007) usa

Chemical morning

published in Spray magazine (2003) fr

Seb Jarnot « 3×7=15 »

published by Die Gestalten Verlag (2004) de

Boys cry

Cover of Pool magazine - (2005) Austria

JVC jazz festival

Rejected poster proposal for the JVC jazz festival (2004) usa


published in "La Vanguardia" Barcelona (2005) es

V. Despentes – Les Jolies Choses

book cover - Editions J'AI LU (2000) fr

VIA / Les écoles de design

Exhibition flyer (2003) fr